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YA Travelogue: SDCC recap

If there’s anything you may learn about us on the blog, it’s that we love to travel, especially for book-related purposes.  In fact, we’ve dedicated a portion to our blog to our bookish travels, YA Travelogues.

Last month, we had a chance to travel to San Diego Comic Con with some of our favorite people, so we prepared, packed and made our merry way.  Check out the photo journal of our adventures in San Diego this year after the jump

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Recap Week of 7/11 Cover Reveals

Last week, publishers trickled in from their July 4th vacations and we we saw an uptick in cover reveals and YA news in general.  Let’s take a closer look after the jump.

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Recap: Week of 7/4 Cover Reveals

Last week was another short holiday week, but that didn’t make any of the AWESOME cover reveals any less beautiful!  Also, some BIG YA news hit as well.  Check out all you may have missed in your 4th of July slump after the jump!

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Booth by booth ALA Annual Conference Recap 

Contrary to what you might think, ALA was our first bookish convention of any kind.  We spent the first hour looking around like this:


Thankfully, we acclimated and were able calmly, coolly enjoy ourselves.  A booth by booth recap after the jump. Continue reading “Booth by booth ALA Annual Conference Recap “

Planning a Day at ALA

As you probably already know, the ALA’s Annual Conference is taking place practically in our back yard–ORLANDO –this weekend.  If you’re a regular to this blog , you know that we never miss an opportunity to travel and/or have a cocktail or signature drink while doing so (with a designated driver at the ready, of course).  So, we’ve set our sites, purchased our tickets and created a spreadsheet of activities that highlights all the YA authors and publishers we’d like to see at ALA when we visit.  Details after the JUMP!

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Shadowhunters Invites Us to A Dead Man’s Party in Episode 3

As you are already aware, we’ve been watching and drinking along to Shadowhunters on Freeform Network these past few weeks.  We haven’t been wowed with the writing, the pacing, the script or the CGI, so we’ve mostly been tuning in so that we can drink together.  Let’s explore Episode #3 to see if this show can redeem itself.
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