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Cover Reveals for the week of August 14th

While this week wasn’t big on cover reveals, it was HUGE on YA BOOK NEWS!  Check out what you’ll be adding to your #TBR this week !

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Cover Reveals for the Week of August 8th

Not sure if it was our short week or everyone elses, but only a few cover reveals this week to add to your TBR.  However, there was some BIG NEWS.  More after the jump!

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YA Travelogue: SDCC recap

If there’s anything you may learn about us on the blog, it’s that we love to travel, especially for book-related purposes.  In fact, we’ve dedicated a portion to our blog to our bookish travels, YA Travelogues.

Last month, we had a chance to travel to San Diego Comic Con with some of our favorite people, so we prepared, packed and made our merry way.  Check out the photo journal of our adventures in San Diego this year after the jump

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Recap: Week of 7/4 Cover Reveals

Last week was another short holiday week, but that didn’t make any of the AWESOME cover reveals any less beautiful!  Also, some BIG YA news hit as well.  Check out all you may have missed in your 4th of July slump after the jump!

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Music Monday: Mary E. Pearson’s Remnant Chronicles

In our new maybe weekly, definitely at least monthly, feature we jump on the #MusicMonday bandwagon and explore some of our favorite author’s music soundtracks.  Our first author in this series is Mary E. Pearson.

Last summer, a little late to the party, we discovered Mary E. Pearson’s Remnant Chronicles.  We  immersed ourselves in the world only to later find out that the final book doesn’t release until August of this year.  Well, with less than one month to go until its release, we can FINALLY begin our re-read and listen to the music Mary says are her go-to’s for each of the books in preparation for the release of The Beauty of Darkness after the jump. Continue reading “Music Monday: Mary E. Pearson’s Remnant Chronicles”

First Reads Friday: Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

A how-to tale of revenge, Nevernight creeps up on you in the shadows and stabs you clean through with its witty rapier of words.  You don’t see the danger coming your way.  Find out more about Jay Kristoff’s juicy ADULT FANTASY novel Nevernight after the jump.

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