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Throne of Glass

September Cover Reveals

I tracked almost 40 cover reveals on my radar in September alone.  40!  I was so busy with work and blog work that I just couldn’t add my optional weekly post to the mix.  So I’ve compiled all the September covers in one place for you to make it easier to find anything you’ve missed and because it was impossible for me to compile all the pictures, I provided you my top picks/favorite covers this month, with links to all the rest.  Happy #TBR stacking! Continue reading “September Cover Reveals”


One To Watch Books: Your Guide to September YA Releases Pt. 1

“See you in September…” Summer is over, school is back in session, and we’ve got your fall book list. And it’s so MASSIVE it’s a duology. We’re splitting the month in half so you go into TBR overload. So let’s get started. Here are our One To Watch Books for September Pt.1.

book juggling
So. Many. Books!!!


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Recap Week of 7/11 Cover Reveals

Last week, publishers trickled in from their July 4th vacations and we we saw an uptick in cover reveals and YA news in general.  Let’s take a closer look after the jump.

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Game of Thrones Withdrawal Reading List

The white raven has finally arrived and that means Winter Is Here. And by winter we mean the many, many, many months until Season 7 airs in spring of 2017. If you’re still craving politics, magic, betrayal and of course dragons, we’ve got some book recs to help you through the bleak months ahead.

game of thrones hbo got stark daenerys


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Sarah J. Mass Down Under and in the Land of Hobbits (aka Australia & New Zealand)

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that Sarah J. Maas has been KILLING IT- assassin style- this year. Mass has dominated the world of YA fantasy with her Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorn and Roses series. Just last month it was announced by Publisher’s Weekly that Throne of Glass has been optioned for television by the Mark Gordan Company, the folks behind Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

Maas is currently on her first tour of Australia and New Zealand. If you follow Maas’s Instagram you’ve seen the beautiful landscapes she’s been visiting on foot and by helicopter. Makes you wonder if there’s any location scouting going on? We can only hope.

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