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The Reader

The Speaker Blog Tour

With just four days until The Speaker hits shelves, I’ve got a sneak peek at my favorite quotes from the book! If you’re not familiar with the Sea of Ink and Gold series and the first book in the trilogy, The Reader, check out my book review, Reread Blog Tour Stop and #MusicMonday post to get you motivated to to binge on this amazing fantasy series this weekend in anticipation of The Speaker’s release on Tuesday.

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The Speaker publication date less than three weeks away and I am SO excited for the second installment of The Sea of Ink and Gold trilogy!  I read this book last year for one of our First Reads Friday installments and absolutely enjoyed this fantasy novel about literacy.  Sefia’s quest to find her aunt Nin, who is kidnapped, is filled with adventure, mysterious strangers and narrators and A BOOK. The story is a finely woven tapestry, where many different POV’s converge in unexpected ways.

Not only is The Reader a feast of words, but Traci has also included an Easter Egg hunt in the book–you search for clues within the pages of the story (from blacked-out words and paragraphs, to footnotes and thumbprints on certain pages). It’s very fun to search out clues and attempt to piece them together–an adventure within an adventure.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t find all the clues within The Reader, which is why this Reread is in order!

The Reader stuck with me long after I finished it.  After sharing with you Traci’s playlist for The Reader earlier this year, today, I am here to give you some moodboard aesthetics related to The Reader.  In a few weeks, we’ll be on The Speaker tour so hurry up and get caught up on the Reader before then!

The Reader Map Photo.jpg

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#ReadABookDay Reading List

It’s not coincidence that #ReadABook Day falls this month.  UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has declared September National Literacy Month and, with it, come many days dedicated to the promotion of reading. In addition to today, September 8th marks International Literacy Day.  The theme for the  conference, held in France this year, is “Literacy in the Digital World.”   The goal is to actively mobilize the international community and to promote literacy as an instrument to empower individuals, communities and societies.

While researching for this article, I was surprised to learn that over 775 million adults lack minimum literacy skills.  The statistic is that one in five adults are illiterate and two-thirds of those are women.  To bring awareness to this issue and to advocate for reading and literacy, UNESCO began National Literacy Month in 1946.

Today, I created a book recommendations list of YA books including characters that struggle to read or are illiterate and tell you about some organizations that you can support in the fight against illiteracy.

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Music Monday: The Reader by Traci Chee

Welcome to our our very semi-irregular installment of Music Monday, where I attempt to pair two of my favorite things: Music and Reading YA.  Over the past couple of years, I have collected a number of YA playlists from authors, so I thought it was time, again,  to share more YA author soundtracks with our readers. Today, inspired by The Speaker by Traci Chee which releases on September 12, 2017, I am featuring Traci Chee’s The Reader soundtrack. Let’s learn a little more about The Speaker and listen the first books’ inspirational soundtrack after the jump.

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May Cover Reveals

There were more cover reveals than there were days in the month of May, so you want to prepare yourself for this post.  Find some shade, a hammock, slather on some sunscreen, bust out a margarita, open up several Goodreads tabs, and get ready to kick off the summer with amazing cover reveals.

For those new to our cover reveals feature, here’s a short tutorial on what to expect:

  1. The name of the book and author or authors–The name will be hyperlinked to the cover reveal announcement, many of which have excerpts and giveaways.
  2. The expected publication date–this is subject to change, but will give you an idea on the expected wait.
  3. Goodreads link–to add to your TBR.
  4. Cover picture!

So without further ado, here are last month’s glorious cover reveals!

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One To Watch Books: Your Guide to September YA Releases Pt. 1

“See you in September…” Summer is over, school is back in session, and we’ve got your fall book list. And it’s so MASSIVE it’s a duology. We’re splitting the month in half so you go into TBR overload. So let’s get started. Here are our One To Watch Books for September Pt.1.

book juggling
So. Many. Books!!!


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