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Black History Month: Book Recommendations from Rebecca Barrow

It’s February 28th and it’s the FINAL DAY of our Black History Month series of diverse author book recommendations that inspired their work!  I’m already thinking of expanding this series next year and making it a year-long series since Black Excellence shouldn’t be marginalized to 28 days. I have loved all the authors and been inspired by their recommendations, which is why today is definitely bittersweet.
Today we welcome Rebecca Barrow, author of 2017’s You Don’t Know Me But I Know You and the upcoming This Is What It Feels Like (her cover reveal appeared on Pop! Goes the Reader earlier this month!).  A book about adoption, pregnancy, choice, love and family, YDKMBIKY is a contemporary YA that breaks down tropes and explores these themes lovingly and with achingly beautiful prose. Find out what books inspired this poignant YA contemporary.

Black History Month: Book Recommendations from Ashley Woodfolk

Welcome to the second to last installment of our Black History Month series! This month has absolutely flown by and we are sad to see it winding down. However, we’re only sad to see it wind down in number of posts because we’ve got two AMAZING authors lined up for today and next Wednesday, so let’s get started with today’s post!
Happy First Reads Friday!  Today we feature debut author Ashley Woodfolk whose The Beauty That Remains publishes in less than two weeks! The reason I’m SO excited for this book is that Ashely incorporates one of my favorite things — music.  Her story of grief is told from 3 points of view and it seems music plays the roll that will tie the characters together and help them through their grief.  I’m expecting this to be heartbreaking in it’s grief, and, hopefully, offer some hope for our teens. Let’s find out more about The Beauty that Remains, Ashley and books that inspired her to write this story.

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Black History Month: Book Recommendations from Tiffany D. Jackson

Happy Tiffany D. Jackson Day!  We’re celebrating Tiffany and her books in two different ways on the blog and in person today.

Most importantly, it’s Book Club Day–the best day of the month!  Tonight, we will be discussing Tiffany D. Jackson’s 2017 novel, Allegedly, in person at our Tampa Book Club with some of our favorites. Allegedly is a study in unreliable narrators and one of my favorite books of 2017. I highly recommend you pick it up. It will leave you reeling for days after you finish it.

We are also celebrating Tiffany on the blog. Today she is giving us her book recommendations for Black History Month. In addition, we’re going to delve into her upcoming novel, Monday’s Not Coming. This book sounds like a full-blown mystery and if Allegedly is any indicator, we are in for a heck of a ride! Let’s hop on over to find out more about Monday and Tiffany’s Black History Month book recommendations!


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Black History Month: Book Recommendations from Brandy Colbert

Welcome to our first installment of Black History Month book recommendations! As we mentioned yesterday, 8 ya authors have given us diverse inspirational book recommendations and we’ll be publishing them throughout the month.  Our first guest post is from Brandy Colbert.  From ballet and sexual abuse in Pointe to siblings and bipolar disorder in Little & Lion, Brandy is unafraid to confront contemporary fiction and tough subjects head-on and so eloquently.  Her forthcoming novel, Finding Yvonne, is ya novel about a girl, her violin, love and pregnancy. She recently announced her fourth novel, The Revolution of Birdie Randolph.  Let’s find out a little more about Brandy and her forthcoming novel after the jump.

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10-10-10: 10 OTHER YA Books Releasing October 10th

When I tell people that I read YA, the standard responses are:

  1. Twilight? LOL
  2. I really love The Hunger Games!

John Green is the de facto star of YA to those who aren’t in the know. It’s been 5 years since his super-mega hit, The Fault In Our Stars, was published and 3 years since a movie was made.  We’ve known for a while that he’d been writing a new novel, but I was surprised when it was announced last month that his upcoming YA novel, Turtles All The Way Down, would be published this year.  Specifically, October 10th.  Naturally, the internet went bonkers and just a few days later, John tweeted this.


I got to thinking about other YA authors releasing the same day as John, who may not have as many tip-in sheets to sign.  What if they’re new and/or marginalized authors?  How could I help spread the word about those books?  After a quick review of my Goodreads TBR, I discovered that it just so happens that there are ten other books already on our radar releasing on the same day as John’s.  Find out what books you should also be adding to your 10/10 TBR and enter for  your chance to win your very own pre-order after the jump!

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November Cover Reveals

Whip up a batch of egg nog and open up a Goodreads tab on your browser.  It’s time to take in the beauty that are November Cover Reveals and stack up your #TBR!

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