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Nothing Really Matters Except Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On

We know, we know, it’s Friday, not Wednesday.  But we have plenty of excuses: Book Club was moved to Thursday this month, we accidentally drank too much wine afterwards and got home too late. Nevertheless, here’s our November Book Club pick review, Carry On By Rainbow Rowell.  It also happens to be our first tag-team review! Continue reading “Nothing Really Matters Except Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On”


Get ready to Carry On with a Simon and Baz Emergency Book Party Kit!

The summer of 2013 at YAW was unofficially dubbed “The Summer of Rainbow”. We fell in love with Eleanor and Park and decided to binge read the Rainbow Rowell canon. Attachments, Eleanor and Park, Fangirl, Landline, we read it all, but Fangirl was definitely a favorite amongst the Rainbow offerings. Fangirl centers around the relationship between twin sisters Cath and Wren as they set off to college. Cath is more introverted while Wren is outgoing. Cath thinks their college experience will be a shared one, just like they share a birthday, an absent minded father and a completely absent mother. Just like they share an obsession for the Simon Snow books which are like Harry Potter if Harry and Draco were roommates / frienemies. But Wren wants college to be a chance for her to live a life separate and apart from her twin which means separate rooms, separate friends and no more Simon Snow. Cath and Wren must figure out if growing up has to mean growing apart from your best friend.

Continue reading “Get ready to Carry On with a Simon and Baz Emergency Book Party Kit!”

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