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Roshani Chokshi

One To Watch Books: Your Guide To June YA Releases

Summer is here and we’ve got more books than there are days in June to lounge by the pool. Grab your beach bag and fill it with these One To Watch Books for June.

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Delicious Books: Books To Feast On This Thanksgiving

With less than a week left before Thanksgiving, we have a cornucopia of books to whet your appetite and get you in the mood for your feast.  From long, drawn-out descriptions of banquets in high fantasy, to contemporaries whose sole purpose seems to be discussing food before plot, plus everything in between, we have something for everyone at the Thanksgiving table this year on this list.

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One To Watch Books: Your Guide to March YA Releases

With so many great books out in March, we’ve got something for everyone. Fire up your TBR list and get comfy ’cause going over our One To Watch Books for March is gonna take awhile….

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Recap: The BIG Week of YA Announcements

We are diligently working on our ALA Annual Conference recap that’ll be up tomorrow.  Until then, let’s get you caught up on all of last week’s YA book news.  It was a CRAZY week for YA publicity and we’re giving you our top 10 bits of news from some of our favorite and most anticipated authors and series. Continue reading “Recap: The BIG Week of YA Announcements”

2016 Cliff Notes: Stand Alone Books

Earlier this week, we gave you new books series and in-process series we’re excited about in 2016.  In the final installment of 2016 At-A-Glance, we’re focusing on stand alone books to be released in 2016.  These book represent works by some of our favorite authors and the most intriguing-sounding works by new authors we’ve seen so far to be released this year. You can find our full list after the jump.

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