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More Happy Than Not

First Reads Friday: They Both Die at The End by Adam Silvera

This book is no joke. It legitimately broke me. I am certain my DNA has changed from reading  it.  I finished it two weeks ago and it still feels too soon to be able to put into words how it made me feel, but for you, dear readers, I will try.

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How to Geeky Con in 1.5 Hours

YA Travelogues have kept us VERY busy this summer.  In fact, we returned really late on a Sunday night only to realize that Geeky Con started 4 days later.  We determined it may be impossible to spend 3 days at another convention just 4 days after returning from a 5 day convention.

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YA Pride Book List

We’ve been planning this post a while with a publication day of today. In light of recent events near in Orlando, we decided it was important to publish this list and to continue to celebrate Pride Month. Because one thing we’ve learned from recent events is that we need empathy and love in large doses.  All the books that made our LGBTQA list are full of that and so very much more.

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A Girl Versus Her Reading Challenge: My Year in Reading 2015

In my final look back to 2015, I review my year in reading.  2015 was my first year ever in tracking my reading progress, thanks to finally joining in on the Goodreads Reading Challenge.  Since I mostly check-out library books, I really had no idea how many books I read a year. So, I set 24 books, hoping to surpass it.  By the time January ended, I had 14 books under my belt, so, I figured I should reset my goal to 100, which was much more realistic.  So, while I could enumerate the number of books, how much did I actually enjoy what I read? What was the process like?  Outside of the pretty diagram Goodreads made for me, I want to examine my bookish feelings on reading one book every 3 days.

This is my story, of an avid YA reader who reads too much, and which is the truth, the whole truth, as much as I can remember of the truth after the jump.

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