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Maggie Hall

November Cover Reveals

Whip up a batch of egg nog and open up a Goodreads tab on your browser.  It’s time to take in the beauty that are November Cover Reveals and stack up your #TBR!

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2016 Cliff Notes: Book Series In Progress

We took one look at this Epic Reads infographic and thought to ourselves: we need to get our reading organized in 2016.  We operate in the conundrum that TBR absolutely ridiculous, our bookshelves full and we never know what to read next.  As we stated earlier, 2015 became the Year of Unfinished Trilogies, where we refused to skip books that were mid-series and really began embracing them.  We fell in love with so many new characters and included many mid-series books on our Best of 2015 list.  So, what follows are in-progress book series that we’re excited to see continue and/or conclude in 2016.

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