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White Rabbit Blog Tour

Imagine combining the slasher qualities of 90’s movies like Scream seamlessly with the warm haziness of unrequited love from an 80’s John Hughes flick and a road trip so surreal it would give Hunter S. Thompson a run for his money.  This is the magic of White Rabbit. Caleb Roehrig’s second YA book is another foray into mystery, but that’s where the comparisons ends with this sophomore book. Mischievous, sarcastic and a totally wild ride, find out all the reasons you should be picking up White Rabbit when it releases next month.

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International Missing Children’s Day

Tomorrow, May 25th is designated as International Missing Children’s Day.  Launched as a joint venture between the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the United States’ Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 1983, this day is for remembering missing and abducted children and celebrating those that have been recovered. The NCMEC has asked that you #RockOneSock to help raise awareness for missing kids.


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One To Watch Books: Your Guide to October YA Releases

October is a frightful, pumpkin-spiced month. But there’s nothing scary about the YA titles we’re featuring. Here are your One To Watch Books for the month.

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