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White Rabbit Blog Tour

Imagine combining the slasher qualities of 90’s movies like Scream seamlessly with the warm haziness of unrequited love from an 80’s John Hughes flick and a road trip so surreal it would give Hunter S. Thompson a run for his money.  This is the magic of White Rabbit. Caleb Roehrig’s second YA book is another foray into mystery, but that’s where the comparisons ends with this sophomore book. Mischievous, sarcastic and a totally wild ride, find out all the reasons you should be picking up White Rabbit when it releases next month.

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Black History Month: Book Recommendations from LL McKinney

The premise of A Blade So Black can be summed up into one simple sentence: “What if Buffy fell into Wonderland instead of Alice?” Combine that with a bada$$ black girl on the cover and a release date of MY BIRTHDAY and I LITERALLY CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK.  I was so excited that LL agreed to give us some recommendations because I admire her tireless work in our online YA community so much.  I was thrilled we could have a small snippet of her time.  LL has focused on books she read when we was younger, so be prepared to topple your TBR with some classics!

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First Reads Friday: Ink, Iron, and Glass Blog Tour

We are just a few days from the publishing of Ink, Iron, and Glass by Gwendolyn Clare and we are lucky enough to have Gwen here on the blog sharing her BOOK FANCAST. So you may ask: WHY should you pick up Ink, Iron, and Glass this Tuesday? Well, here are just a FEW reasons:

  • Steampunk Fantasy!
  • Scriptology–a NEW form of science which includes lots of world building and rules
  • Alternative 19th century Italy!
  • Secret societies!
  • A strong female lead that may be destined to save the world
  • Gorgeous boys haunted by their past

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Wild Beauty Blog Tour


From The Weight of Feathers to When the Moon Was Ours, Anna-Marie McLemore has blessed us with gorgeous, mystical writing and magical realism time and time again.  In one of this year’s most anticipated books, Wild Beauty, she once again proves herself a masterful story teller of tales steeped in family, feminism and flowers.


Forget-Me-Not (Flower).

Don’t forget about me.

As the last name of the main characters implies Wild Beauty simply an unforgettable and rare book that will stay with you long after you finish the last page of the novel.  I am thrilled to be part of the blog tour today and bring you music inspired by this work of art.

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Moxie Blog Tour & Giveaway

“You spin round on your carousel
Going nowhere and looking swell
Sometimes I catch you looking my way
You always get scared and run away
‘Cos co-ed playground means confrontation
With boyish fears of girl intimidation
You’re too cosy in your all boy clubhouse
To even consider having Kool Aid at my house”

~Girl Germs, Bratmobile

From one act of defiance to the creation of a Movement, the depth of our love for Moxie is fathomless. As a result, we may be planning our own revolution, so be on the look out. In the meantime, we are happy to be a part of the official Moxie Blog Tour and show you our version of “My Misspent Youth” box and offer a MOXIE GIVEAWAY!.

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Midnight Tales Blog Tour: Dangerous Magic, Delicious Cocktail

The Language of Thorns is out TODAY! Thank you to MacMillan for having us host a release day blitz stop today.  We’re toasting the release of Language of Thorns with a highlight of one of our favorite stories from the collection and a cocktail fit for the leader of the Second Army.

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