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One To Watch Books: Your Guide to July YA Releases

Summer love, space travel, mystical tales, loveable villains, global conspiracies, magicians, runaways, monsters…… Summer gets even HOTTER with these July YA Releases!

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Elise Kova’s Dragons of Nova Tour Comes to St. Petersburg, FL July 14

Fantasy fangirls and fanboys get ready- Florida resident Elise Kova brings her Dragons of Nova to St. Petersburg, July 14th. We’ve got everything you need to know right here.

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Blog Tour: Midnight Jewel Couture Cloak & Dagger Fashion + GIVEAWAY

Richelle Mead brings the girls from the Glittering Court back in Book 2: Midnight Jewel. This time it’s more daggers than ball gowns so we’re joining the blog tour with a Couture Cloak + Dagger fashion set and a GIVEAWAY!

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10-10-10: 10 OTHER YA Books Releasing October 10th

When I tell people that I read YA, the standard responses are:

  1. Twilight? LOL
  2. I really love The Hunger Games!

John Green is the de facto star of YA to those who aren’t in the know. It’s been 5 years since his super-mega hit, The Fault In Our Stars, was published and 3 years since a movie was made.  We’ve known for a while that he’d been writing a new novel, but I was surprised when it was announced last month that his upcoming YA novel, Turtles All The Way Down, would be published this year.  Specifically, October 10th.  Naturally, the internet went bonkers and just a few days later, John tweeted this.


I got to thinking about other YA authors releasing the same day as John, who may not have as many tip-in sheets to sign.  What if they’re new and/or marginalized authors?  How could I help spread the word about those books?  After a quick review of my Goodreads TBR, I discovered that it just so happens that there are ten other books already on our radar releasing on the same day as John’s.  Find out what books you should also be adding to your 10/10 TBR and enter for  your chance to win your very own pre-order after the jump!

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Cloudy With A Chance of Storms: Hurricane Books To Get You Through The Season

June 1st marked the beginning of hurricane season, which extends through December 1st.  If you live in the interior of the United States, it may not mean much to you, but to us, who call Florida home, the beginning of hurricane seasons marks a season of being vigilant, preparing and possibly having your beach vacations sidetracked by a hurricane. We spend half the year worrying if a storm will approach and what we need to do to stay safe. To get you up to date, the fourth named storm of the year, (Ms.) Dora, is currently moving away from the Mexican coastmoving away from the Mexican coast.  This got me thinking that there are a couple of 2017 releases with hurricane themes that we should all pack in our bookish Hurricane Preparedness packs. At the end of this post, I give you additional resources to bookmark in case a Hurricane Watch pops up in the near future.

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Music Monday: The Reader by Traci Chee

Welcome to our our very semi-irregular installment of Music Monday, where I attempt to pair two of my favorite things: Music and Reading YA.  Over the past couple of years, I have collected a number of YA playlists from authors, so I thought it was time, again,  to share more YA author soundtracks with our readers. Today, inspired by The Speaker by Traci Chee which releases on September 12, 2017, I am featuring Traci Chee’s The Reader soundtrack. Let’s learn a little more about The Speaker and listen the first books’ inspirational soundtrack after the jump.

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