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Cover Reveal

February Cover Reveals

Did you think February would let up after a January filled with beautiful covers?  Hardly. Here’s the rundown of all you missed. Get your coffee and your Goodreads ready.

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December/January Cover Reveals

Did you miss us?  Well, cover reveals are back from the end of the year hiatus with a vengeance. Better get yourself your favorite venti Starbucks beverage and open up a few extra Goodreads tabs in your browser, you’re going to need them!

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Cover Reveal: Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary by Martha Brockenbrough

Today’s blog is full of firsts.  We had our first author interview post earlier and while we usually have a policy of one post per day, we had to break it because we jumped on the opportunity for our FIRST COVER REVEAL!  We have the pleasure of revealing the cover for Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary by Martha Brockenbrough.  Coincidentally, today is Alexander Hamilton’s birthday, so there is MUCH to celebrate!

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November Cover Reveals

Whip up a batch of egg nog and open up a Goodreads tab on your browser.  It’s time to take in the beauty that are November Cover Reveals and stack up your #TBR!

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Cover Reveals for the Second Half of October

After our September surprise, October proved to be an even more ridiculously busy book cover reveal month with more book covers in the first half than in all of September!  The list is long, and full of amazing blurbs, so open your Goodreads in another tab and get adding to your #TBR!

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First Half of October Cover Reveals

After my September debacle, I yet again promised to be more consistent for cover reveals (which I know I promise every other month or so when everything falls apart).  But, while I was surprised to have almost 40 cover reveals in the entire month of September, there HAVE BEEN ALMOST 40 IN JUST THE FIRST HALF OF OCTOBER!  So get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee and open up your Goodreads in another tab, your TBR is about to get a HUGE helping of AWESOME.

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