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Cover Reveal

May Cover Reveals

There were more cover reveals than there were days in the month of May, so you want to prepare yourself for this post.  Find some shade, a hammock, slather on some sunscreen, bust out a margarita, open up several Goodreads tabs, and get ready to kick off the summer with amazing cover reveals.

For those new to our cover reveals feature, here’s a short tutorial on what to expect:

  1. The name of the book and author or authors–The name will be hyperlinked to the cover reveal announcement, many of which have excerpts and giveaways.
  2. The expected publication date–this is subject to change, but will give you an idea on the expected wait.
  3. Goodreads link–to add to your TBR.
  4. Cover picture!

So without further ado, here are last month’s glorious cover reveals!

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March Cover Reveals

I have lots of seasonal work throughout the Spring, so I tend to be more distracted than not while blogging during this time.  Needless to say, I discovered during the first week of March that I’d actually missed several February cover reveals.  So get your coffee brewed, your Goodreads tab opened, and let’s get your TBR up to date with all the beautiful covers you’ve missed this late Winter/Early Spring!

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February Cover Reveals

Did you think February would let up after a January filled with beautiful covers?  Hardly. Here’s the rundown of all you missed. Get your coffee and your Goodreads ready.

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December/January Cover Reveals

Did you miss us?  Well, cover reveals are back from the end of the year hiatus with a vengeance. Better get yourself your favorite venti Starbucks beverage and open up a few extra Goodreads tabs in your browser, you’re going to need them!

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Cover Reveal: Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary by Martha Brockenbrough

Today’s blog is full of firsts.  We had our first author interview post earlier and while we usually have a policy of one post per day, we had to break it because we jumped on the opportunity for our FIRST COVER REVEAL!  We have the pleasure of revealing the cover for Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary by Martha Brockenbrough.  Coincidentally, today is Alexander Hamilton’s birthday, so there is MUCH to celebrate!

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