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February 2018

Black History Month: Book Recommendations from Tiffany D. Jackson

Happy Tiffany D. Jackson Day!  We’re celebrating Tiffany and her books in two different ways on the blog and in person today.

Most importantly, it’s Book Club Day–the best day of the month!  Tonight, we will be discussing Tiffany D. Jackson’s 2017 novel, Allegedly, in person at our Tampa Book Club with some of our favorites. Allegedly is a study in unreliable narrators and one of my favorite books of 2017. I highly recommend you pick it up. It will leave you reeling for days after you finish it.

We are also celebrating Tiffany on the blog. Today she is giving us her book recommendations for Black History Month. In addition, we’re going to delve into her upcoming novel, Monday’s Not Coming. This book sounds like a full-blown mystery and if Allegedly is any indicator, we are in for a heck of a ride! Let’s hop on over to find out more about Monday and Tiffany’s Black History Month book recommendations!


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Black History Month: Book Recommendations from LL McKinney

The premise of A Blade So Black can be summed up into one simple sentence: “What if Buffy fell into Wonderland instead of Alice?” Combine that with a bada$$ black girl on the cover and a release date of MY BIRTHDAY and I LITERALLY CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK.  I was so excited that LL agreed to give us some recommendations because I admire her tireless work in our online YA community so much.  I was thrilled we could have a small snippet of her time.  LL has focused on books she read when we was younger, so be prepared to topple your TBR with some classics!

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First Reads Friday: Ink, Iron, and Glass Blog Tour

We are just a few days from the publishing of Ink, Iron, and Glass by Gwendolyn Clare and we are lucky enough to have Gwen here on the blog sharing her BOOK FANCAST. So you may ask: WHY should you pick up Ink, Iron, and Glass this Tuesday? Well, here are just a FEW reasons:

  • Steampunk Fantasy!
  • Scriptology–a NEW form of science which includes lots of world building and rules
  • Alternative 19th century Italy!
  • Secret societies!
  • A strong female lead that may be destined to save the world
  • Gorgeous boys haunted by their past

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Black History Month: Book Recommendations from Claire Kann

It’s Valentine’s Day, so Let’s Talk About Love–literally, let’s talk to Claire Kann, author of Swoon Reads recent release, Let’s Talk About Love. We were drawn to Claire’s debut novel because of it’s absolutely joyous cover with an ebullient black girl on the cover, but when we discovered that Alice is asexual, we became REALLY interested in her story. Let’s see the diverse books that inspired Claire’s debut.

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Rookie on Love Blog Tour

It’s February 13th, which means it’s officially Galentine’s Day! While we celebrate our lady friendships every day here on the blog, it’s nice to have a reason to get together and toast all the women who influence us and make our lives better. Rookie uplifts teen voices through calls for submitals to their independent online magazine. We are thrilled to collaborate with them today on the blog tour for Rookie On Love.

Galentine's Day.gif

Of course, the theme of ROOKIE ON LOVE is LOVE. So lets uplift contributor voices and the theme of love today! I’ve created a playlist inspired by this anthology that surrounds the heart’s most intense emotion:  LOVE. Let’s find out a little more about Rookie On Love, editor Tavi Gevenson and our playlist selections after the jump.

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Black History Month: Book Recommendations from Jay Coles

When we heard that Jay Coles upcoming Tyler Johnson Was Here is a story inspired by his life and included themes of grief, gangs, friendship and the Black Lives Matter movement, we knew we had to get his input on book recommendations for this series. Coincidentally, and because the publishing world is exactly the size of an English village, Jay will also be featured in the upcoming anthology Wednesdays’s featured author, Ibi Zoboi, is editing, Black Enough: Stories of Black Teenhood in America.  We are so lucky to feature Jay on the blog today and learn more about Tyler Johnson Was Here as well as the books that influenced him to be a writer and create this particular, personal story.

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