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November 2017

Coming to America: A Reading List

As we pile around a dinner table groaning under the weight of too much food, surrounded by family and close friends this Thanksgiving weekend, we reflect on what this holiday means to us.  Its messy and complicated beginnings aside, we primarily celebrate being close and spending quality time with our nearest and dearest.  We are thankful for bountiful harvests that provides more food that we could ever consume. We are thankful for our health and that of our loved ones. We are thankful for our dogs (and cats). We are thankful our parents were able to emigrate to this country just one generation ago leading us to this very celebration.

But one year after the election, and with just 10 months of this administration, we are struck that we have more to be worried about than ever before.  Does this country embrace its previous values–that which enabled our parents to escape their particular circumstances and come here as immigrants and refugees?  Currently, our Dreamers are at stake and vulnerable, as the fight for DACA heads to the Supreme Court.  Those from certain countries are now banned from entering this country.  We are told that certain humans are illegal and should be deported as tens of thousands are taken to camps.  As a result, detention center populations are booming. Considering we are giving thanks for this melting pot we live in, these new tactics seem everything but great.  Inspired by these current events, we have created a reading list, the purpose of which is to raise awareness and evoke empathy towards immigrants and immigration (illegal and otherwise) into the United States.

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Delicious Books: Books To Feast On This Thanksgiving

With less than a week left before Thanksgiving, we have a cornucopia of books to whet your appetite and get you in the mood for your feast.  From long, drawn-out descriptions of banquets in high fantasy, to contemporaries whose sole purpose seems to be discussing food before plot, plus everything in between, we have something for everyone at the Thanksgiving table this year on this list.

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Not Now, Not Ever Blog Tour + Giveaway

Lily Anderson’s follow-up to The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You will be out next Tuesday, November 21st.  Her second novel, entitled Not Now, Not Ever, is a modern story inspired by Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. Today, we are THRILLED to have Lily here with us on the blog talking about her upcoming novel, plus some tips and tricks to help inspiring writers, especially those that just passed the half-way mark in NaNoWriMo!!!

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Veteran’s Day Reading List

Tomorrow, November 11th, marks Veteran’s Day, which was originally celebrated as Armistice Day beginning in 1919, to commemorate the end of World War I. It is being observed today in much of the United States.  Coincidentally, today is also the Marine Corp’s 242nd birthday.  HOORAH.  With so many military celebrations today, we thought it would be good to cook up a themed reading list.  We have had a difficult time finding books that directly deal with US wars, so we decided to ask and expert for help.  Gwen Katz recently published Among The Red Stars earlier this year, a YA historical fiction inspired true events.  The Night Witches were a squadron of female Russian pilots and navigators who gave the Nazi’s absolute hell.  We figured since she’d research World War II, she may have some recommendations.  What she delivered is one of the most thoughtful book lists we’ve ever seen. Find out a little more about Gwen and her book, as well as check out her incredible reading list after the jump.

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All the Wind In The World Interview + Giveaway

All The Wind In The World was one of the most surprising reads of 2017. Set in the near-distant future, amid severe climate change, a young girl, Sarah Jac, and boy, James Holt, in love, travel working the maguey fields that line the Southwest.  When an accident puts them on the run, they end up at the Real Marvelous ranch. They think they might be safe, but the ranch’s magic and mystery soon begin to reveal themselves as more than Sarah Jac and James bargained for.  This story unravels so uniquely and was so finely crafted by Samantha Mabry.  Her sweeping language made the elements of magic and the Western setting come to life and the ending left me absolutely stunned.  And I wasn’t the only one. All The Wind In The World is a 2017 National Book Award nominee2017 National Book Award nominee and has 4 starred trade reviews, among being on numerous lists, and I anticipate seeing this book on many year-end lists.  Check out more about the book and the author after the jump.

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The Speaker Blog Tour

With just four days until The Speaker hits shelves, I’ve got a sneak peek at my favorite quotes from the book! If you’re not familiar with the Sea of Ink and Gold series and the first book in the trilogy, The Reader, check out my book review, Reread Blog Tour Stop and #MusicMonday post to get you motivated to to binge on this amazing fantasy series this weekend in anticipation of The Speaker’s release on Tuesday.

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