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September 2017

Moxie Blog Tour & Giveaway

“You spin round on your carousel
Going nowhere and looking swell
Sometimes I catch you looking my way
You always get scared and run away
‘Cos co-ed playground means confrontation
With boyish fears of girl intimidation
You’re too cosy in your all boy clubhouse
To even consider having Kool Aid at my house”

~Girl Germs, Bratmobile

From one act of defiance to the creation of a Movement, the depth of our love for Moxie is fathomless. As a result, we may be planning our own revolution, so be on the look out. In the meantime, we are happy to be a part of the official Moxie Blog Tour and show you our version of “My Misspent Youth” box and offer a MOXIE GIVEAWAY!.

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Midnight Tales Blog Tour: Dangerous Magic, Delicious Cocktail

The Language of Thorns is out TODAY! Thank you to MacMillan for having us host a release day blitz stop today.  We’re toasting the release of Language of Thorns with a highlight of one of our favorite stories from the collection and a cocktail fit for the leader of the Second Army.

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Leigh Bardugo’s Midnight Tales Tour Comes To Tampa Wednesday, Sept 27th

“Love speaks in flowers. Truth requires thorns.” Leigh Bardugo brings us back to the Grishaverse with a new collection of Grisha folklore and a tour. The Book! The Event! The Author! We’ve got everything you need to know when Leigh Bardugo and the Midnight Tales Tour come to Tampa, FL. It took some dangerous magic but it’s happening at Inkwood Books, Wednesday, September 27th…..and WE GET TO MODERATE!!!

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Spinning Blog Tour & Author Interview

Welcome to the last stop on the SPINNING Blog Tour!  We are thrilled to host multi-talented author Tillie Walden on the blog today.  She has promised five questions, but we somehow got her to answer six!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you haven’t yet picked up Spinning (what are you waiting for? This striking graphic novel released on September 12th!), it’s Tillie’s autobiographical account of her youth spent training and competing in figure skating.  After moving to Texas, Tillie begins to lose interest in the sport, to question the stifling world of figure skating, its rules and expectations of her as a deeply closeted lesbian. In the midst of this internal transformation, she also meets a girl, it doesn’t work out and she decides to come out to those around her to rather mixed reviews.  Told in tiny, languid snippets of Tillie’s life, this gorgeously and starkly illustrated graphic novel is highly recommended for fans character driven graphic novels.

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Warcross Blog Tour + Giveaway

We are SO excited to be part of the WARCROSS blog tour today and to bring you a Playlist inspired by this incredible book. We created our dream team last month, so be sure to check out which fictional characters and bloggers we’d have on our team. This book was such an ride.  I wish I could live inside the game of Warcross and discover more about this incredible game!  Also, if you haven’t had a chance to visit the website for this book, you absolutely should. It is a wonder to behold.

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First Reads Friday Presents: MOXIE by Jennifer Mathieu, Author Interview + Review

MOXIE is more than just a book, it’s a call to action! We talk all things Riot Grrl, music and our misspent youth with author Jennifer Mathieu.

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