My life would a lot less sunny without my girlfriends. They’re there to celebrate the good times and to keep me supplied with gelato and wine during the bad times. August 1st in National Girlfriends Day so we’re celebrating some of our favorite bookish female friendships.



The Valiant by Lesley Livingston: Fallon and Elka

Some friendship are borne out of hard times and I can’t think of a harder time than getting kidnapped and sold into slavery. This is how Fallon, daughter of a Celtic King, met her soon to be bestie Elka. Things don’t start smoothly for Fallon and Elka, but when push comes to shove (literally) these fierce women have each other’s backs.




Geekerella 4.4.17

Geekerella by Ashley Poston: Elle and Sage

No Cinderella story is complete without a fairy godmother, and Elle’s fgm is definitely her goth/punk co-worker Sage. These unlikely pair of besties become friends while working in the clunky vegan food truck The Magic Pumpkin. When Elle needs help sewing the perfect cosplay (and standing up to wicked step-sisters), it’s tough girl seamstress Sage to the rescue. One wiener dog, a road trip and a Con later, Elle and Sage are friends 4 life!


Wolf by Wolf

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin: Yael and her Wolves

Wolves run in fierce family groups known as packs and the same is true for Yael and her pack of friends. The bonds of friendship must be strong when your goal is taking down the Third Reich. But among the members of Yael’s wolf family, ____ stands out as one girlfriend she can’t do without.


Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein: Queenie and Maddie

 A spy is captured by the enemy and forced to tell the true account of how she came across enemy lines. Verity tells the story of her and her pilot, but, to bide more time, she starts at the very beginning, when she was known as Queenie and her pilot, Maddie, years before the accident. What we learn is that there are friendships that last a lifetime and friendships of a lifetime.  Queenie and Maddie have a bond of the rarest kind that extends to both.




Bad Romance 6.13.17

Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios:  Grace, Natalie & Alyssa

Grace is a girl who only wants to get out and live her well-defined dream life when she falls into a toxic relationship with a boy named Gavin in her junior year in high school. Her friends Natalie & Alyssa are her staunchest supporters, her biggest fans and her shoulder to cry on, arms to hug and back to bear her when she needs it.  Never have I met fictional friends more supportive than Natalie and Alyssa. Every girl should have a #Squad this amazing.



Who are your best fictional girlfriends?

~Carmen & Ann