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October 2016

YALLOWEEN: Get spooky inspired by your favorite YA authors + GIVEAWAY!

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. PLEASE CHECK OUR GIVEAWAYS TAB FOR ACTIVE CONTESTS.  What do you get when your Halloween cosplay is inspired by your favorite YA novel? YALLOWEEN! We’ve got costume ideas, a spooky good GIVEAWAY and a special guest judge MARTHA BROCKENBROUGH! Keep reading for the all the hauntingly good details.

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September Cover Reveals

I tracked almost 40 cover reveals on my radar in September alone.  40!  I was so busy with work and blog work that I just couldn’t add my optional weekly post to the mix.  So I’ve compiled all the September covers in one place for you to make it easier to find anything you’ve missed and because it was impossible for me to compile all the pictures, I provided you my top picks/favorite covers this month, with links to all the rest.  Happy #TBR stacking! Continue reading “September Cover Reveals”

First Reads Friday: Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Look, chum, I know what you’re going to say:  seen it, reddit.  What more can possibly be added to The Illuminae Files?  Well, I’m here to tell you: PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING. Continue reading “First Reads Friday: Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff”

When The Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore Book Review

When the Moon Was OursWhen the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Elements of magical realism and fairy tale storytelling combine to create this achingly lush queer love story. Miel and Sam are outsiders in a small town. Sam is a boy who paints and hangs moons in the town trees and Miel is a girl that fell out of a water tower a decade ago. Townspeople keep strangers and people considered strange at arm’s length, but Miel and Sam have managed to have each other for 10 years. They keep each other safe and their biggest secrets safer, like the fact that Sam is a transgender boy.

When Miel is targeted by the Bonner girls for the roses that grow from her wrist, they threaten all that she holds true and the secrets closest to her heart. What Miel doesn’t count on is that her secrets are deeper than the river and the Bonner’s cruel relentless detente may have no end if she stays complicit in their demands. A town of old secrets, brujeria, witches and glass pumpkins lend an unforgettable backdrop to this character study of friendship, love and family.

What makes this book so memorable is McLemore’s gorgeous epic prose and the delicate touch she applies to a queer girl in love with a transgender boy. Each sentence is a gift and the dialogue between characters can be so achingly real. Covering themes of racism, diversity, LGBTQ and YA issues, this book will be on everyone’s year end list, including mine.

“The world they had cast between them was both brighter and softer than everything else, cast in deep blues and golds.”

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One To Watch Books: Your Guide to October YA Releases

October is a frightful, pumpkin-spiced month. But there’s nothing scary about the YA titles we’re featuring. Here are your One To Watch Books for the month.

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Kids of Appetite Blog Tour: What Makes You a Kid of Appetite?

David Arnold has been so many firsts for us.  He wrote Mosquitoland, which was our first book club selection.  We’ve used the photo from that night as our Twitter handle ever since.  So it makes sense that the first ever blog tour hosted on this blog would be for David Arnold’s new book, KIDS OF APPETITE.  In case you haven’t check it out yet, click the jump and learn all about Kids of Appetite. Continue reading “Kids of Appetite Blog Tour: What Makes You a Kid of Appetite?”

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