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August 2016

Cover Reveals for the Week of August 8th

Not sure if it was our short week or everyone elses, but only a few cover reveals this week to add to your TBR.  However, there was some BIG NEWS.  More after the jump!

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YA Travelogue: SDCC recap

If there’s anything you may learn about us on the blog, it’s that we love to travel, especially for book-related purposes.  In fact, we’ve dedicated a portion to our blog to our bookish travels, YA Travelogues.

Last month, we had a chance to travel to San Diego Comic Con with some of our favorite people, so we prepared, packed and made our merry way.  Check out the photo journal of our adventures in San Diego this year after the jump

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Week of 8/1 Cover Reveals

After swearing last week to never, ever again run late, we’re back with all the reveals we found on the internet last week.  We were swooning, crying, making grabby hands because there were SO. MANY. BEAUTIFUL. COVERS. REVEALED.

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How to Geeky Con in 1.5 Hours

YA Travelogues have kept us VERY busy this summer.  In fact, we returned really late on a Sunday night only to realize that Geeky Con started 4 days later.  We determined it may be impossible to spend 3 days at another convention just 4 days after returning from a 5 day convention.

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First Reads Friday: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

Three Sisters. One Crown. Winner Takes ALL. We review Kendare Blake’s Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake for First Reads Friday.

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Last 2 weeks: What We’ve Missed in Cover Reveals

So, YA Travelogues took us to San Diego for almost a week and then on a 5 hour road trip that should have taken us about 2 hours on Friday (more on both later this week).  In the meantime, we missed the SERIOUS business of YA cover reveals and news.  Soooo…Let’s. Get. Busy. Continue reading “Last 2 weeks: What We’ve Missed in Cover Reveals”

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