As you probably already know, the ALA’s Annual Conference is taking place practically in our back yard–ORLANDO –this weekend.  If you’re a regular to this blog , you know that we never miss an opportunity to travel and/or have a cocktail or signature drink while doing so (with a designated driver at the ready, of course).  So, we’ve set our sites, purchased our tickets and created a spreadsheet of activities that highlights all the YA authors and publishers we’d like to see at ALA when we visit.  Details after the JUMP!


We’ll be there ALL DAY Saturday, June 25th!  Below is our spreadsheet of top events (click to expand) that we’ve tracked down via various twitter and blog posts.  We’re sharing it with you in hopes that it might help demystify the conference for you and that, hopefully, we can run into some of our more bookish friends along the way.

ALAAC16 Schedule_v02

If you’re looking for a full schedule for the ALA Conference to create your own agenda, try the iOS app.  You can search by authors on the app.  Also, it’s highly recommended to understand the event floor BEFORE arriving, so make sure to study up!

In addition to author events and because we love multi-tasking, we’ll be participating in Class of 2K16’s ALA Annual Scavenger Hunt throughout the day.  The instructional diagram follows, but full details can be found over at their webpage.

Scavenger Hunt Flier 2

Need a break from all the conference mayhem?  Travel offsite to the Class of 2K16 debut author panel at the Winter Park Public library.  It begins at 3:00pm.  Details are below.

Class of 2K16 Books WPPL Event ALAAC16


Do you follow us on Twitter?  If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  We’ll be live-tweeting from the event ALL DAY on Saturday.


In addition to following us on Twitter, the lovely Kara is keeping a Twitter list of bloggers attending ALA, so you can check there to see if any of your internet friends are there (including us!) and where they’re currently hanging out.


Once things wind down at ALA, we will likely have a snack or a drink before heading home at one of these spots.  Our favorite combination is a delicious craft cocktail, a refreshing tiki drink and enticing bar snacks.  Many of the places listed below have at least one:

Aku Aku — Specialty in tiki cocktails, with snacks

Trader Sam’s –Located in Disney’s excellent Polynesian resort, this bar also serves snacks

The Courtesy Bar – Craft cocktail bar

Hanson’s Shoe Repair/Bauhaus – Speakeasy & craft cocktail bar

Cask and Larder – Craft cocktails AND full menu

The Matador – Craft cocktail bar

We urge you that if you’re in Orlando for the weekend, all these spots are GREAT for dinner and after dinner drinks or just to hang out after a long day.  We look forward to running into you all this weekend!


YA Wednesdays visits Disney's Polynesian Resort