We’re nearly half way through the first season of The Magicians and I think it’s safe to say Arjun Gupta’s interpretation of Penny, the surly, hard edged magical bad-ass, has fast become my favorite character. So in in honor of the shirtless magician, I’ve come up with a drinking game I’m calling Penny Shots! Here’s how to play:

This is drinking game, so you’ll need something to drink (duh). For Eliot I created the Brakebills Gimlet but I imagine Penny is more of a pint of beer with a shot or whisky kinda guy. Nothing too crafty or pretentious, just good old fashion, get you drunk, booze. But you can play along at home with whatever adult beverage of your choice.

Here’s how to play:

Step 1: grab your favorite adult beverage, your remote control and your phone or laptop

Step 2: Log onto Twitter and make sure to follow @YAWednesdays and hashtag #YAWDrinking

Step 3:  Watch The Magicians with us Monday at 9 pm EST on Syfy network

Step 4: Prepare to imbibe as follows:

When Penny speaks like a mystic from the future- YOU DRINK.

Penny is like some hot shirtless prophet come to enlighten us. He often has the perfect line for the moment. When Penny utters one of his Pennyisms, raise a glass in honor of his brilliance.

When Penny is in “the uniform”- YOU DRINK.

Brakebills University may not have an official uniform, but Penny does. Well uniform might be a stretch, but Penny’s style is definitely variations on a theme. Here are the hallmarks of the Penny uniform:

  • At least 3 inches of his chest exposed at all times
  • No Sleeves whenever possible
  • Vests and scarves are a must
  • Shirts are optional

If you catch Penny in any of the above described, take a swig. But if he’s completely in the buff at any time, make it a double!

When Penny Walks Between Worlds- YOU DRINK

Penny is a man of many talents, the most impressive being his ability to travel between worlds. This is a power that can destroy you if left unchecked. Hopefully Penny won’t accidentally transport himself into a volcano, but should he travel anywhere via his abilities, raise a glass in cheers. Double shots if he travels to Fillory.

Image result for the magicians penny gif

When Penny assaults Quentin, physically or verbally- YOU DRINK

Let’s face it, Penny does not like Quentin. But can you blame him? Quentin can be whiny, socially awkward, petty, shallow….Penny is not having any of Q’s shit. If Q knows what’s good for him he’ll stay out of Penny’s line of fire. Otherwise, bottom’s up!

When Penny tells you to drink- YOU DRINK!

One of my favorite things about watching The Magicians is following Arjun Gupta on Twitter.  Arjun’s  witty online banter highlights the dark humor of this clever series.  If you pay attention, you just may learn something. And of course, if Penny or Arjun rather, tells you to take a drink….DRINK!

We’ll be watching The Magicians every Monday 9 pm EST. Look for us under #YAWDrinking and play along with #PennyShots. Cheers!