We’re so excited that one of our favorite authors of 2015 is bringing us another YA novel in 2016. Just look at that cover!!  More details after the jump.

USA Today announced exclusively this morning that David Arnold’s second novel, Kids of Appetite, will be released on September 20th.  There is no official book flap yet on Goodreads, but the article states:

The new novel is the story of Vic and Mad, two New Jersey kids being held in separate interrogation rooms in the Hackensack Police Department. Each chapter is told from their alternating points of view in the present, as they’re being questioned about their involvement in a murder, and the past, which follows how Vic befriends Mad and their adventures with a bunch of misfit youngsters from their neighborhood.

The article also features an excerpt from the book, which features the witty repartee we loved so much in Arnold’s first novel, Mosquitoland.

Kids of Appetite will be released on September 20, 2016. You can preorder your copy here.