We survived Episode 1 of Shadowhunters, tuned into Freeform again on Tuesday night, poured some wine (AFTER our signature cocktail) reviewed our drinking game rules and took one for the team over on Twitter.  Episode 2 was more confusing than the first.  I attempt to give you my feeling (sans spoilers) after the jump.

Even though we were willing to give Shadowhunter’s more time last week, the second episode made us really nervous about the future of the show.  This is where I give you a download of my feelings about the show, only.  There’s no way I’m summarizing this hot mess for you.

Episode 2 takes us (and Simon) from outside the Institute to the new, improved CSI Institute, which is unusually high-tech for something powered by Nephilim.

Episode 2 GIF


Simon is STILL the best part of this show.  He steals every scene.

Bring on the runes

Even when he’s all alone.

Simon on Bed

And while they very slightly hinted at Clary + Jace, nothing even remotely close to this happened even though they sped through to book #2 in episode #2 of the show.

Simon Clary almost kising

The Runes still looked like rashes (someone should test the Institute for scabies and impetigo, just to be sure).

Episode 2 Shirt

Clary is still very special.

You're One Of Us Shadowhunters

Valentine is still bad, plus other secrets are revealed about him.

Valentine is BAD

The winner this week?

Alec, the sassiest attorney the Clave has ever seen.

I can't be here anymore Gif

The loser?

Book #1 lost out to the wild pacing of just 2 episodes of this show.  RIP, City of Bones.

City of Bones Cover


We’re instituting a new policy next week, three strikes and your out, Shadowhunters.  So, if things don’t get to a logical, narrative point by the end of Episode #3 next Tuesday, we’ll be forced to resign from weekly LiveTweeting.  Honestly, our livers can’t take it.  So, until next time…

Entrance to Hell

PS–Details are coming soon, but we’ll be LiveTweeting the premier of SyFy’s The Magicians on Monday, January 25th on Twitter at #YAWDrinking.  We’ll have a cocktail and more details soon!