Whether you loved and/or hated Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instrument books, I think we can all agree the 2013 movie missed the mark. Big time. Having read the books ourselves we were utterly confused watching the movie. I swear we didn’t even know the characters names for the first 30 minutes!  But what the movie lacked in screenplay, plot development, script….it made up for in casting. Kinda.  Personally we were all in for Lily Collins as Clary, Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace and Robert Sheehan as Simon. Alas, good cheekbones and on screen hotness was not enough to save this sinking ship.

So now it’s 2016 and the Mortal Instruments are back on the screen, the small screen,  in the form of the Shadowhunters series on Freeform, (formerly ABC Family). This could be a second chance at life for the franchise! Or it could be yet another failure. Only time will tell, kids, but the posters aren’t doing any service to the show.

We however, are not willing to leave things to chance. We are going to enjoy the viewing experience whether this thing sinks or swims. In order to guarantee our enjoyment from the first scene to end credits, we’ve developed a little drinking game. For those of you of legal age we strongly encourage you to play along at home.

YAWednesdays Presents: The SHADOWHUNTER Drinking Game!

It’s simple-

Step 1: grab your favorite adult beverage, your remote control and your phone or laptop

Step 2: Log onto Twitter and make sure to follow @YAWednesdays

Step 3:  Watch Shadow Hunters with us January 12th at 9 pm EST ON FreeForm

Step 4: Prepare to imbibe as follows:

Take a sip…

Every time weapons look like toddler’s plastic playthings

Every time blood looks like a game of glow in the dark paintball

Every time Clary’s not-a-wig takes the stage (we don’t want to kill you)

Every time the show diverges significantly from the books

Every time questionable CGI happens

Every time Clary looks like a crazy person talking to herself

Every time Simon is cuter than Jace

Every time Magnus Bane has the best on-camera make-up

Every time Izzy is the goddess you imagined her to be

Every time Runes look like a skin rash

Shadowhunters - 18 Things We Learned from Beyond The Shadows - 1008

Take a shot….

Every time someone says how big a deal Clary is

Every time Jace takes off his shirt

Shadowhunters - 18 Things We Learned from Beyond The Shadows - 1007


Each time Jace & Clary look awkward around each other, even though they should be staring meaningfully into each other eyes, hugging and/or kissing.

Tweet your progress with the hashtag #YAWDrinking. We’ll be keeping score and awarding prizes accordingly on our Twitter feed, so make sure to follow us. Extra points if you tweet us a pic dressed as Shadowhunter.

Good, bad or indifferent, you’re sure to be smiling by the end of the episode if you play along with us. See you in the Shadow World. Cheers!

I'm Ready Shadowhunters

~Carmen & Ann