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January 2016

First Reads Friday: Starflight by Melissa Landers

It’s Melissa Landers week!  We brought you the review of Melissa Lander’s Alienated earlier and Preview today, First Reads Fridays feature one our most anticipated books of 2016, Starflight, which will be out next Tuesday, February 2nd.

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David Arnold Brings Us Kids of Appetite

We’re so excited that one of our favorite authors of 2015 is bringing us another YA novel in 2016. Just look at that cover!!  More details after the jump.

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Shadowhunters Invites Us to A Dead Man’s Party in Episode 3

As you are already aware, we’ve been watching and drinking along to Shadowhunters on Freeform Network these past few weeks.  We haven’t been wowed with the writing, the pacing, the script or the CGI, so we’ve mostly been tuning in so that we can drink together.  Let’s explore Episode #3 to see if this show can redeem itself.
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Your (A)Typical Girl Meets Alien Story: A review of Alienated by Melissa Landers

Mix one all-American girl plus one handsome alien in the first Intergalactic student exchange program, plus a pinch of sabotage and you get Alienated by Melissa Landers.

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The Magic Touch: A Review of The Magicians Premier

We poured ourselves a pitcher of our new favorite cocktail The Brakebills Gimlet and settled in to watch The Magicians on syfy. From the advance trailers we were guardedly optimistic, but we’ve been let down before. Some shows start with a whimper, but The Magicians started (and ended) with a BANG! Episode 1 set the pace with an introduction to Quentin Coldwater, Brakebills University, the magical world of Fillory and…..The Beast. We were under The Magicians’ spell almost immediately. We recap and review here:

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Summary Sunday

Welcome to the first installment of Summary Sunday.  We give you all that’s worth reading in the YA world on the 4th Sunday of every month, so let’s get started following the jump with the good, bad and ugly we found this January 2015!
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