It’s not just First Reads Friday!  We are ecstatic to have an EXCLUSIVE look at the final installment of Marie Rotkoski’s Winner’s Trilogy, The Winner’s Kiss.  We cover the latest news after the jump.

With the release date coming up on March 29, 2016, marketing kicks into high gear for The Winner’s Kiss over at Fierce Reads.

One of the most obvious points of this media blitz are THE BRAND NEW COVERS!  What were previously more passive covers focused on gorgeous dresses and with weapons as decorations:

Winner's Crime Old Cover Winner's Curse Old Cover Winner's Kiss Old Cover


Have changed to THIS…

Winner's Crime New Cover Winner's Curse New Cover Winner's Kiss New Cover

There is no mistaking it. Kestrel is headed to war.  While I love that we finally get a look at Kestrel’s face straight on and not in profile on these new covers, I’m not sure I prefer them.  First of all, Kestrel is a little more Reese Witherspoon in the face than I imagined.  Secondly, I think the original covers conveyed Kestrel’s world more accurately–the beauty hiding her court scheming.  The girl on this cover doesn’t appear to have ever played a hand of Bite and Sting.

Also, if you haven’t drawn the line yet, many in the Twitterverse, such as @mostlyyalit, are already drawing parallels between the new covers and those of a certain other badass female represented in YA, Celaena Sardothien:

Throne of Glass Compare Images Sarah J Maas

You be the judge, but I see some definite similarities in the coloring and posing on the Throne of Glass covers.  I just can’t understand why they’d do this for the final installment after the cover was already revealed.

And last, but certainly not least, Fierce Reads is offering you the opportunity for a sneak peak into The Winner’s Kiss book.  Just sign up and they’ll email you a snippet which is just enough to satisfy and aggravate you at the same time.

The Winner’s Kiss will be released on March 29, 2016.  Pre-order your copy here.

12/21/15 Update per Fierce Reads:  Merry Christmas!  The old covers are back.  Congratulations, blogosphere, you win.