I have to admit that I was surprised by a couple of bits of news (to me) this morning.

  1. There is a prequel to Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling book series called Jessica Darling’s It List.  The It List series follows 7th grade Jessica Darling as she navigates her way through middle school.
  2. For 2+ years, I was ignorant of the fact that Megan McCafferty had given new life to Jessica Darling’s pre-high school days.
  3. I need a better system of finding books to read.
  4. We are going to get Jessica Darling BIG SCREEN sometime soon!
  5. Like, really soon because Megan McCafferty is telling us on Twitter that the movie has already been filmed!
  6. OMG!  We get to see middle school Jessica Darling + Marcus Flutie interact!!!! I don’t care if this movie is for babies, I mean middle schoolers, I’M THERE!