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August 2015

A Little Bit of Heaven

The first point I will make about Cat Winter’s The Uninvited is that is a book for adults, not young adults. Since I usually pick up books without reading much about them, I was surprised, to say the least, by some of the scenes in the book. Even though I had no warning, I couldn’t help but fall madly, deeply in love with this book, just as I did with Winter’s other books, The Cure for Dreaming and In the Shadow of Blackbirds. After all, great fiction is great regardless of what subgenre it falls into. So, kids, you may want to BEWARE OF ADULT THEMES.

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YA Wednesdays @ Inkwood Books Presents: The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle


If you live in Tampa, Florida and are looking for a Young Adult Fiction Book Club, look no further than YA Wednesdays @ Inkwood Books!  Readers of all ages are welcome.

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 16th.  We will be reading Moira Fowley-Doyle’s magical realism tome, The Accident Season.  Please join us for an always-lively discussion.  You can find all details here.

Archivist Wasp, The Enigma

Archivist Wasp begins like a gunshot—it shoots out of the barrel and it’s aimed right at the reader. Be prepared not to sleep much once you pick it up. Continue reading “Archivist Wasp, The Enigma”

This Wasp Lacks Sting: Review of ‘Archivist Wasp’ by Nicole Kornher-Stace


I was very excited about the premise of Nicole Kornher-Stace’s debut novel Archivist Wasp. In the who-knows-how-distant future, civilization has been destroyed and humans are living in feudal conditions. Female infants chosen by the Goddess herself are taken from their parents and trained by the Catchkeep Priest to be Archivists, warriors who speak to the dead in an attempt to discover just how humanity failed and why the earth’s inhabitants are left to scrounge for food, shelter and their very survival. But there can only be one Archivist. It is not enough to fight your way to the job, you must fight to the death and continue to conquer your rivals every year until you are too worn down, fatigued, or battered and a new Archivist stands on your corpse to take your place. Continue reading “This Wasp Lacks Sting: Review of ‘Archivist Wasp’ by Nicole Kornher-Stace”

The Beginning and End of Everything

Sarcasm, debate team, irony, Harry Potter AND Twilight references FTW were tempered by the stereotypical blonde bitch ex-girlfriend, icky boy physical interactions, and abrupt ending…WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue reading “The Beginning and End of Everything”

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