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Everless Blog Tour

It’s release week for Sara Holland’s Everless, and I am absolutely ecstatic to be on the blog tour today! Everless is a world where time is currency and danger lurks around every corner for Jules, who must return to her childhood home to repay some debts. It’s thrilling and will completely suck you in from the first page.

For today’s post, author Sara Holland has curated a special playlist to accompany certain scenes in the book for your, so without further ado, let’s learn about Everless, Sara and this amazing fantasy world she has created!

I want to add that I finished Everless last night and this is an actual video of me listening to Sara’s playlist.


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One To Watch Books: You Guide to January YA Releases

Happy New Year! This year in YA we have evil faeries, meet-cutes, Valkyrie, twin sisters, Nightwalkers, clock towers, gunslingers, train car romances, the Hinterland…and that’s just in January! Even if you re-set your TBR on New Year’s Day, OTWB will have it full in no time. Let’s get reading!

OTWB Jan collage


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Books for World Braille Day

It’s estimated that there are approximately 1.3 million blind people in the United States alone. January 4th is National Braille Day and we’re highlighting books with characters who are visually impaired.  Continue reading “Books for World Braille Day”

You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone Blog Tour + Giveaway

Welcome to day number two of the You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone Blog Tour AND day number two of this book baby being in the world!  Thank you to the Fantastic Flying Book Club for putting this amazingly diverse tour together!  We are absolutely ecstatic to have author Rachel Lynn Solomon with on the blog today.  She was generous enough to take the time to answer questions about her book, her writing process AND give a pep talk for all those writing books in the new year (we even made her decide which characters she likes best!).  You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone is a YA contemporary story about teen sisters dealing with their mortality, their relationship, and teen life, in general, the firsts, the good and the bad.  Find out more after the jump!

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One To Watch Books: Your Guide to December YA Releases

The holidays are here and so are One To Watch Books December. Just send your Secret Santa this list and be sure to get something you’ll love under the tree.

Image result for all i want for christmas is books

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Coming to America: A Reading List

As we pile around a dinner table groaning under the weight of too much food, surrounded by family and close friends this Thanksgiving weekend, we reflect on what this holiday means to us.  Its messy and complicated beginnings aside, we primarily celebrate being close and spending quality time with our nearest and dearest.  We are thankful for bountiful harvests that provides more food that we could ever consume. We are thankful for our health and that of our loved ones. We are thankful for our dogs (and cats). We are thankful our parents were able to emigrate to this country just one generation ago leading us to this very celebration.

But one year after the election, and with just 10 months of this administration, we are struck that we have more to be worried about than ever before.  Does this country embrace its previous values–that which enabled our parents to escape their particular circumstances and come here as immigrants and refugees?  Currently, our Dreamers are at stake and vulnerable, as the fight for DACA heads to the Supreme Court.  Those from certain countries are now banned from entering this country.  We are told that certain humans are illegal and should be deported as tens of thousands are taken to camps.  As a result, detention center populations are booming. Considering we are giving thanks for this melting pot we live in, these new tactics seem everything but great.  Inspired by these current events, we have created a reading list, the purpose of which is to raise awareness and evoke empathy towards immigrants and immigration (illegal and otherwise) into the United States.

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